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It all began in a small closet with a treadle sewing machine!

Hi everyone! My name is LoriAnn and I started sewing around the age of 5 with my mom in a closet by our bedrooms. I remember pushing that treadle sewing machine up and down with every stitch! The very first item that I made from start to finish was an apron. I entered it in the local fair and won a blue ribbon. It doesn't get much better than that. (I still have the newspaper article)
I am the owner and designer of LoriAnn Costume Designs. I've been working at this for over 30 years and feel it is time to sit back, sew a little less, and offer my patterns to you.
I hope you enjoy making wonderful creations like I have. Let's work together to keep the craft alive!

Enjoy your time looking around for a Renaissance Costume Pattern, Medieval Costume Pattern, Viking Pattern, Cosplay Pattern, Italian Renaissance Pattern, Chemise Gowns, Tops, Skirts, Bustles, Bloomers, Hooded Scarves, Cropped Vests, Women's, Mens, Childrens. Amazing things can happen if you just use your imagination!

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